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Organic Soap Bar – ‘Cinnamon Orange + Honey Glycerin’ Bath Soap ( Pack of 2 ) 100% Vegan

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Our limited edition Soap Bar is sure to steal hearts. Pamper yourself with our luxurious ‘Cinnamon Orange + Honey Glycerin’ Bath soaps. A perfect staple in your daily bath and body routine.

Infused with 100% essential oils, these ‘Cinnamon Orange + Honey Glycerin’ Bath bars create a calming, relaxing atmosphere, and stress-relieving bathing experience.

Ingredients :

  • Orange Pulp Extract
  • Pure Cinnamon Dust
  • Pure Almond Oil
  • Vitamin C Oil
  • Pure Organic Honey
  • Vitamin B12 Oil

100% Natural | Tested on people not animals | Size/Weight: 80g


Created with organic, skin-quenching ingredients you can trust: vegan butters and oils; clays; and salts from around the world.


Our ingredients are eco-friendly, non-toxic, paraben and fragrance free. Natural products leave your skin clean and healthy.


Be transported to a relaxing spa without leaving your own bath with products infused with essential oils you can use everyday.

                                                              How to Use

How Should I Use Natural Soap to Clean My Face?

We believe in simple, effective cleansing for your complexion and that is accomplished with natural soap and water. The purpose of soap is to combine with oil and dirt on the body, which allows water to wash it away. The method you use to cleanse your skin, especially your face, is really a personal preference. We thought we would share just a few examples.

Hand Lathering is usually the suggested method for cleansing delicate facial skin.

  • Use lukewarm water to create a creamy lather in your clean hands.
  • Gently massage the lather over your face using circular motions with your fingers.
  • Rinse with cool water and pat dry.

Washcloth Washers: A washcloth can help remove dead cells and invigorate your skin. A gentle massage with a soft washcloth can help keep facial skin smooth and clean.

  • Rub the bar on a soft, clean, wet cloth to create a creamy lather.
  • Apply to your face by a gentle massage using circular motions.
  • Rinse with cool water and pat dry.

    If you are using a washcloth:

  • Exfoliating or scrubbing too hard may cause the skin to become red and irritated.
  • Use a clean washcloth, especially if you are prone to acne. Washcloths can re-deposit dirt and grime right back onto your skin.
  • Washcloths can have soft or rough fibers. You want to use soft, NOT rough fibers on your face.

Never share washcloths or other accessories and replace or clean them often. 

A Few Other Pointers:

  • Use warm, not hot, water to wash your face.
  • Use cool water as a final rinse to close your pores.
  • Avoid products made with synthetic ingredients that can irritate facial skin.
  • Avoid products that contain alcohol which can cause skin to become tight and dry.
  • Apply a moisturizer immediately after washing your face while skin is still damp.


4 reviews for Organic Soap Bar – ‘Cinnamon Orange + Honey Glycerin’ Bath Soap ( Pack of 2 ) 100% Vegan

  1. Sahil saxena


  2. Priyanka sharma

    These are wonderful soaps. All natural and handmade. The moment you take them in your hands, you will get to know. Highly recommended. Great work greenleaf team by launching these.

  3. Jassi kaur

    Happy Soap… Lingering smells lovely. . .Happy with purchase. Am wondering if we can purchase the soaps as individuals in case we are not fond of each fragrance. We don’t know yet. I chose one soap and he chose another that smelled the most like a long lost love. Loved them. Want to try their other ones soon.

  4. Sanya mehra

    Very pleased!!!
    When I first received my package I was a little concerned with the size of the bars soap. The size was smaller then expected. After using the first bar of soap I have been very satisfied since and no longer worry about the size. The length of time a bar of the soap last was much longer then I was expecting due to the size.. Also the smell is wonderful and I love the way my skin feels after showering with this product. I am very happy with my purchase and I will buy again.

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