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why turkish towels?

Compared to other towels, Turkish Towels are more absorbent and dry out quick. This balance is what makes a Turkish towel the popular choice, worldwide. They’re also a lot larger and more versatile than regular towels. Bath and Beach towels are the commonest, with the length and texture of a Peshtamal, ideal for wrapping yourself in or spreading out on the sand.

Since these are so incredibly thin and light-weight, they make a perfect choice for a travel friendly towel. Did you know? you may also use your Turkish towels as wraps or throws or even as a blanket or a sarong.

When you dont have a pillow nearby, Turkish towels are often rolled and used as a support. Unlike regular towels that are available in loud colors and styles, a Turkish towel is pleasing to the eye with their beautiful pastel shades and straight-forward patterns.


The Greenleaf co. was started by the husband-wife duo from the city of joy, Kolkata.

It all started from a small trip where the husband was sharing this beautiful story from O Henry’s ‘ The Last Leaf ‘. In the story, maybe if Mr. Behrman had something to cover his body, he would not be wet for long that night in the rain, while he was painting the last leaf and perhaps he could have been saved. There we had it, the idea of ‘ the Greenleaf co’ was born.

After getting the inspiration from O Henry’s ‘The Last Leaf’, they both had put their hearts together in forming a company with a motive to produce Eco-friendly products for the consumers.

The very next after coming from the trip, we started our legwork in the market.

We were in the market for a good light-weight towel since they dry up quick and are extremely light-weight and convenient to travel. We were not surprised. All we get to see was the normal looking polyester mixed towels that not only looked ordinary but the quality of cotton was just ok. (Gamchaas)
There was this Big Gap in the market between the traditional thick towels and thin lightweight towels.
There was no premium segment in the light-weight category.
Inspired by the beautiful Turkish Towels, we decided to jump in ourselves & give our consumers what they wanted in the form of something new.
We always wanted to build something Eco-friendly and a product that is all natural. Hence, we started looking to procure ORGANIC Cotton for our towels as they are free from any sort of pesticides or harmful substances.
The colors we use in our Towels are also Vegetable Dyes and not chemical based colors easily available in the market.
This is the reason we confidently tell our clients and consumers that our colors would never fade or bleed even after years of use.
We would like to mention that each and every design of our towels are created by us including the lovely color combos in our towels.
That’s why we started the Greenleaf co. by introducing our line of Organic Towels that are reliably sourced and reasonably priced.
Our each and every towel is a result of endless research, those never ending hustles and of-course collaboration with our suppliers and experts.

Sharad Chhakara 
Founder, the Greenleaf co.

The Greenleaf co. was born out of the desire to create a perfect Turkish towel.

Interest in Turkish towel is on the rise as people seek out natural and sustainable products into their day-to-day lives.

Our Turkish towels are natural and free from any harmful dyes that harm our delicate skin.

Our unique range of Turkish towel offers three beautiful designs with five color options to choose from each design.

We strive to prove to our customers that Turkish towels can easily surpass and outperform its counterpart, and we hope you will enjoy discovering and using our products as much as we’ve enjoyed making them.


the Greenleaf co.

Sharad Chhakara


Managing director // owner


( mba.bbm)

I believe that every product is special. The connection we have with our consumers goes hand in hand with the quality of our product. We must understand the consumer’s need and bond with them. Their want is our priority.

Madhavi Taneja

Finance Head

Shubhangi Sharma

Product Designer // Web Developer

Sharad Chhakara

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